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Siddha Medicine

Department of Siddha Medicine:

Under the Department of Siddha Medicine, which is an ancient medical method with no side effects, medicines made from herbal plants are administered children who suffer from Paralysis, Autism and Hyperativity. Siddha Medicine section follows the following procedures:

  1. Massage Treatment (Thokkanam)
  2. Yoga
  3. Varmam
  4. Meditation

Such a Siddha Medicine section for children is available only in three Government Siddha Medicial College Hospitals.

With the great vision of “Making available everything to everyone”, herbal medicine, as well as herbal medicated oil massage by trained nurses is given to the paralysed children under the supervision of the Siddha Medical Practitioner. Applying the art of Varma the paralysed nerves are kindled to become active and through yoga exercise such children are trained to walk.

Under the supervision of the Siddha Medical practitioner, students who suffer from dislexia are given medicines made of herbs like Vallarai, Birami, Sankapushpi, Asvakantha, and Arithaki.